To provide you the highest quality fair trade, eco-tour experience in Bangladesh; exceeding your expectations for a warm hearted, welcoming, memory making encounter with our culture and people.


For our communities in Bangladesh to benefit and be empowered by the truly responsible and respectful fair trade tourism offered by AJIYER.

AJIYER means TODAY in the traditional language of Chittagong, Bangladesh and keeping today’s memories alive for tomorrow is our mission.  We firmly believe in the preservation of our intangible culture, community development and environmental sustainability. With focus in these areas local artisans will compete in the global marketplace and so enjoy the security prosperity brings.

AJIYER offers an opportunity to engage with Bangladeshi culture, crafts and biodiversity with the aim of safeguarding our intangible culture and enhancing the livelihood of our rural communities. As a result, together we honor the living culture, knowledge, skills and rituals whilst revitalizing the traditional industries.

AJIYER started its journey in 2002 as a fair trade tour operator in Bangladesh, focused on Intangible Culture and Community Based Tourism.  AJIYER is the tour host of Meet the People Tours, a joint venture between Traidcraft, the UK’s leading fairtrade organization and Saddle Skedaddle, an independent tour operator. As a pioneer of Intangible Cultural (IC) & Community Based Tourism (CBT) in Bangladesh, AJIYER’s core activity is to develop a market for IC & CBT that also includes sustainable development goals.

Since 2006, AJIYER has also been promoting the more intangible local arts, crafts and lifestyles not so readily acknowledged. For example: local poetry and musical traditions; handmade tradesmen’s tools; where and how to fish for local varieties and much more local knowledge in danger of being lost.

AJIYER shares concern and support for local agriculture, rural development, empowerment of women and ethical trade practices. In line with this support, we develop, promote and popularize handwoven textiles and handmade craft products within and outside Bangladesh, creating opportunities for many young artisans.

AJIYER values the humble life style and simple living of Bangladesh that is so close to nature. Promoting traditional Bangladeshi fabric, craft, culture and cuisine attracts many visitors both nationally and internationally. As Fair Trade Tourism grows and many more enjoy our famous hospitality, AJIYER ensures local hand weavers, potters, wood carvers and many more artisans as well as local organic farmers, receive fair deals for their great work.

We look forward to making wonderful memories together with you … starting TODAY!