Our research is for the communities with whom we live and for whom we work.

We use various research ‘tools’ or methodologies depending on the purpose of the research and its potential use. We are aware of piracy and privatization of local and indigenous knowledge for intellectual property rights and therefore resist those acts. AJIYER follows research methods based on the issue through use of questionnaires, intensive discussions at community level, focus group discussions, participatory observation methods and engaging the community members themselves in the data generation and analysis.


The dominant idea of research that makes a community an ‘object’ of study, and research is geared to empower the women. Moreover, AJIYER has taken the challenge to empower the marginalized, deprived women in Bangladesh because it is our women and girls who are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination most of the time. When women are equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help their families and entire communities escape poverty. Women empowerment is the total sum of changes needed for a woman to know and realize her full human rights. Empowerment is not just about giving women training or a loan. It means that relationships and social structures that shape the lives of women and girls must change. We focused on women exercising greater choice in decisions affecting their lives; reduced violence against women: and the emergence of strong social movements built on women’s solidarity and participation of men. Proper research and knowledge sharing help all of us to move these women empower activities.


As the pioneer of Community Based Tourism in the country, AJIYER is very concern of its responsibility so we have introduce “responsible fair trade tourism” for the first time in Bangladesh which is green and we feel proud of it because these known to all. Before we reach to this level we had to conduct so many researches on the possible CBT activities in the Bangladesh like- we have conducted research on “Alternative Development Tourism” and developed “CBT Product Development Training Module

These researches worked as guideline for us to set up the best home-stay experience in Bangladesh and grabbed the attention of our stakeholders and policy makers. Also, in the community level it helped in awareness raising and capacity enhancement activities for local community, undertaking tourism promotional and marketing efforts. Improving the home-stay based accommodation facilities and services, internal access condition and transportation facilities, developing tourist information and interpretation facilities. And Developing institutional capacity for CBT like- Community based tourism Monitoring and Managing Committee & Sustainable Community based tourism Cooperative Research Centre.